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Changing Careers

On many an album the first track is the best, and the song quality withers as it plods along. This is similar to the nature of hobbies, careers, and other life pursuits, with the exception that the quality of work improves while there is a decrease in enthusiasm. Shiny romanticized ideas become mundane reality. There is no way to figure out if this reality is acceptable or whether it will be a imprisoning burden that waste away years of life until you are in the trenches doing the work.

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American Zombie Story

I'd rather not be a zombie, a career-Metra-rider with pressed shirt and creased pants, hair receding and draped over his scalp. He huffs and puffs during his commute, skirting a heart attack that creeps closer by the day. He boards the all-too-serious elevator into the all-too-serious office with its all-too-serious inhabitants.

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A Short Ode to FastMail

While I still use Gmail for Google oauth and services, FastMail has replaced my needs. Since November 6th, 2013 I've been a subscriber. I know I'm crazy, but why do I pay money for email?

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