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American Zombie Story

I'd rather not be a zombie, a career-Metra-rider with pressed shirt and creased pants, hair receding and draped over his scalp. He huffs and puffs during his commute, skirting a heart attack that creeps closer by the day. He boards the all-too-serious elevator into the all-too-serious office with its all-too-serious inhabitants.

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So I'm new to Realmac's CMS, and I've been enjoying the simplicity and the friction-less workflow. Over the past couple days, I've began to customize the look-and-feel of this blog. It's a work-in-progress but contains some tricks that I'd like to share with the community.

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SSH with TextMate's rmate

There are a couple reasons why I keep TextMate 2 in my Applications folder. The custom file navigation pane, git integration, and status bar are all gorgeous and functional. If you tried the early alphas and then trashed TextMate 2, I implore you to check it out again, because it has changed a lot and really is enterprise production-ready.

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