Too Much Noise and GTD


I just listened to Mac Power Users episode #340, where David and Katie interview Mike Williams, President and CEO of the David Allen Company. I've written in the past about my struggles reading the eponymous book. I cannot get past the in-depth description of each of the 5 steps. Taking another look, I've missed the whole point of the methodology, which is on the very first page: If you’re like m… [read more →]

A Terrible Hyper Key Workaround for Sierra

For years, I've remapped the caps lock to control-option-command-shift aka the Hyper Key. I used pqrs's Seil and Karabiner, and it was nifty. With the release of macOS Sierra, private APIs have changed and irreparably broke Seil and Karabiner. Karabiner is in the process of being rewritten, but it will probably take several weeks. I've exhausted every possible alternative for key mapping, but… [read more →]

Mega Update, or "C-ing" the Objectives: Financial Reality, App Ideas, and Other Thoughts

As you can see from the title, this post is about to be all-over-the-place. Follow along and you'll be able to see the disparate spinning plates in my life right now. Financials Landing an iOS job at my entry-to-mid-level abilities in Chicago hasn't been easy. I'm all over Glassdoor applying for everything, no matter how senior a role looks. I've always been weary of the wording of a job… [read more →]

Pale Moon is what Firefox should have been


Lately I've been using Opera as my primary browser. It's fast, but it directly apes Google Chrome in both rendering engine and interface. Firefox is a great browser, but recent and upcoming changes to the browser such as the Australis user interface and the uncertain future of useful extensions leave much to be desired. It's looking like Firefox is becoming a Gecko-based Chromium clone. I just… [read more →]