Progress Report


It's been quiet here at Soundsmitten for some time, but I'm alive and well. Work on my first iOS app is well underway, and it's starting to come together. I've been learning how to structure code in an iOS project. There's a couple of techniques I've picked up on the way that I'll briefly describe here. The first concept I've found really helpful comes from Matteo Manferdini and his excellent iOS… [read more →]

Maddening, Inconvenient iTunes behavior


As many people have mentioned, iTunes is a bloated mess. With recent reports of Apple Music's confusing but mostly intended behavior, I have several backups of my library. I've never had any problems with the program, but the last few weeks I've noticed a few hiccups. It could be my own problem, but it's quite maddening. After all, I am a super OS X power user, and it's ridiculous that I can't… [read more →]

That Code Smells!


I'm building an app that is reliant on a calendar. I'm using the excellent JTAppleCalendar control as my jumping off point. I can't say better things about the control. It's relatively new, infinitely extensible, easy-to-grok, and actively maintained. Jay has been super responsive answering my questions. Anyhow, I've been strapping on quite a bit to the calendar in order for it to work with the… [read more →]

It’s Apple’s Fault: Deletion, Confusion and Disaster with iTunes Match, iCloud Music Library, and Apple Music

I thought I’d put in my two-cents about the confusing way Apple Music, iCloud Music Library, and Apple Music work together. TLDR: Despite doing the "wrong thing," users are not at fault. Apple simply fucked up. They don’t mean to rub me the wrong way, and are upstanding people I’d be truly honored to meet, but many Apple journalists are being Cupertino apologists. Update: Serenity wrote… [read more →]