Bear for macOS and iOS Review: Now I Get It


Shiny Frog, an Italian veteran app development shop, recently released Shiny Frog - Interface design & App development Bear (free to use, $15/year for Pro), an elegant writing app for macOS and iOS that just was awarded Apple’s App of the Year. Yesterday in the Devblog , I posted about their custom split view implementation in iOS. For a couple weeks, I didn’t understand why Bear existed. Doe… [read more →]

Micro-Boxing: How to Make Effective Use of Time to Do What You Love

The Sadly Typical Soul Sucking Job Most of us are familiar with the daily slog, drowning in dry memos, empty acronyms, and useless meetings. If you’re still in school, there is the analogous busy work, group projects with complacent partners, rote-memory tests, and deadlines that never make sense. The routine drains our energy and leaves us so jaded that we can’t pursue our true dreams. However, the… [read more →]

The Split is Real


As I mentioned before, my blog has split into two separate pages. If you are an RSS subscriber, you’re subscribed to the main blog. If you want to continue keeping track of my personal progress as an Apple developer or view past posts, visit my Devblog . Also, in the near future, I’ll be publishing a newsletter. You can sign up for it now at the top of the homepage. [read more →]